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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Breast vs. Formula

Have you ever breast feed your baby?  It is hard work.  I am 3 weeks into breastfeeding and I think I  am lacking milk supply. I just don't think I can keep up with the demands of my baby.   My baby is always on the boob, but sometimes I feel she is using me as a nookie.  I called the lactation consultant and she told me I am fine, but I feel she is not getting what she needs.  I sometimes give her a supplement of formula just to help boost her a little so my boob can have an hour rest.  How many ounces of milk should I be producing in the 3rd week?  I understand your body knows what to make according to the demand of the baby, but like I said I need to increase something because she is always on my boob.  I also thought of switching to formula, just for the convenience factor.  I know, I know breast is best.  I know all about the immunity factors and everything that pertains, but sometimes life is just easier when it is more convenient.  I guess I just want some advise from other mothers who have breast feed.  Is it normal to feel this way?  One of my friends told me that she was pumping 8-9 ounces by the third week.  I am lucky if I get 2.5 ounces from both breasts.  Is this so called normal?  I am not sure what to do about the whole breast feeding ordeal.  I am a little frustrated! I feel like a dried up old cow! Any advise for a gal in need?  


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I gave up at week three with Savannah. Week 3 was my hardest with Devin as well. I felt like he always wanted to be latched on. Trust me, it does get better. Some people think bottles are more convenient, I just disagree. I like not washing bottles, and making sure I remembered to pack formula.

I have done it both ways, and both kids are fine. You gotta do what makes you not go crazy as well. :)

Dombeck Family said...

Stick with it Jen it will get easier. Makenna was the same way and I didn't have enough for her so in the evenings she got a bottle of formula and at times when I had to be away from her. I really enjoyed the time that it was just us when she was nursing. I made it 4 months nursing her and it almost broke my heart to quite. Just hang in there but know that whatever decision you make is the right one because it's your choice and your family!

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

You do what you want!! I breast fed Kenslee but I don't think I will with my next. It's A LOT of work and I was raised on formula and turned out just fine (as my mom would say) :)