My world

My world

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


So I have not been so committed to my blog the last couple weeks, unsure of why, but I can say I just can't get myself to find a good topic to blog about.  I am not sure what is going on..  I just don't think anything is interesting.
What has been happening in my life recently:
  1. I am going to be an aunt again for the 15th time.  My sister is due in May and she is having her 3rd child which I heard is a girl. Excitement!
  2. The weather in Wisconsin has been unbelievably warm for this time of the year.
  3. I found my new love for animated movies, just love them.  Flushed Away, Cars, Alpha & Omega, Gnomeo and Juliet and Robots just to name a few. What animated movies do you like?
  4. Love working Part~Time.   
  5. Love spending time with my daughter Gabriella Raye Richter
  6. My niece turned 21 a week ago and she just can't seem to stay out of the Bars.  Hope she is safe.
  7. Today I am on call for work.  Hope nothing is brewing at the hospital.
  8. I had my front teeth repaired. The dentist pulled some teeth out and pulled some teeth into place, some stitches were placed.  My mouth has been very sore and I have lost 7 pounds.  Glad to lose the weight but wish I wasn't in so much pain.
  9. I have been looking for a photographer to take Gabriella's Pictures but everyone in the area is really expensive.
  10. Started running/walking on the treadmill daily.  Trying to loose some of mama's winter blubber.
Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Gabriella

I can not believe Gabriella is three months and one week old. She is getting so big.  I love every stage of her life. I think that this stage is the best but then she starts a new stage and I love that stage even more.  She is my little princess.  She is starting to coo and now she coos all day long, and I love it. At first I thought I would get sick of her cooing, but I absolutely love every moment. I love being a mom, and I would not change it for anything.   She is precious and she is mine.  She is my whole world, I did not realize how much love I could have for one little person until I had her.  She is such a wonderful addition to my life.  I am thankful she is healthy and I am thankful she is mine and Dale's.  We are truly blessed to have Gabriella Raye in our lives.  I am blessed =)

 Dale watching a very intense movie!
 Gabby sleeping in Dale's arms

I am so in love with my little family =)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


So this morning I went to the dentist.  I thought it was going to a piece of cake.  Lets just say it is very intensive work they are performing on my teeth.  I didn't realize that it was going to be so many steps involved.  I went in today to get my teeth ready for my permanent bridge.  Who know it was going to take 2 months of to completely be done and have my permanent teeth.  
So when I went to the dentist this morning, I didn't expect to get all that work done on my teeth.  I actually went in to get my crowns redone or should I say replaced with a bridge.  They took off my front two crowns and were going to replace them with a bridge.  In the mean time they pulled out one of my front teeth because it wasn't cooperative, and then they pulled out one of the teeth from the roof of my mouth.  Yes, I have two teeth on the roof of my mouth because I have two baby teeth that never fell out and my primary teeth grew on the roof of my mouth.  So now I have 6 stitches in my mouth. OUCH!
Talk about an achy throbbing mouth.  I now am a new owner of temporary teeth, nothing to brag about.  I just hope these don't fall off.  It seems like they will fall off at the worst of times.. I think if Gabby naps today, so will mama.  My mouth is so sore.  I dislike dentists.  Just the sounds at the dentist drives me nutzo.  Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New hair

My natural color with my own natural highlights and low lights!
BEFORE (above), and AFTER (below)

Decided to get my hair done, so I got it highlighted and had low lights put in.  Unsure if is exactly what I was thinking.  It will be okay for a while!

Monday, January 23, 2012




Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

So I got offered a clinic job in Internal Medicine. Laying out my options if I take the clinic job it  will be 3 dollars less an hour,  and three days a week.  But on the flip side, it is no weekends, no holidays, and no oncall..  The only thing I hate about my job right now is the oncall.  In my job now I just got a 3 dollar an hour pay increase.  I am very confused on what I am going to do.  I just want to figure out my life.  I have to figure it out for Gabby.  She is my top priority and that is all that I care about.  I am in a rut.  I really enjoy my job now and I absolutely enjoy the people I work with.  I think I have made my decision,  I am going to decline the job offer at this time.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Job Offer!!!

Today, I was offered a Part~time clinic job.  I am not sure what I am going to do.  I will have to make a list of my pros and cons of my job now and the new clinic job. I am not sure if I will accept the offer or I will decline the offer.  I will have to sleep on it! Who knows.  Have a great day everyone, I am going to ponder my thoughts!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


My pal Rita is 68 years old and last July/August she was diagnosed with Leukemia.  On February 8th she goes in for a bone marrow transplant.  She has a donor who is a male, unsure of what he looks like, this man is willing to give my friend Rita his bone marrow.  What an amazing person he is.  I am blessed they found a donor who is a match for my sweet friend Rita.
I met Rita when I used to work at the Kraft Cheese Factory in Waupaca, Wisconsin.  I used to give her the nick name "Rita Pita" when we worked on the hummus pita line.  We used to giggle a lot together and have a lot of fun.  She is a wonderful woman.  Great friend and was an amazing co-worker.  She has the kindest heart you will ever meet.  She is soft spoken with a heart of gold.  She has fun where ever she goes.  We used to have so much fun on the line that we worked on.  I miss Rita, she is like a mother to me.  I am hoping and praying that her bone marrow transplant goes good, and she gets healthy.  I hope the Leukemia packs up and leaves her body for good..  Please keep my friend Rita in your prayers in the next few weeks for she will need all the care and prayers she can get..  

I truly love and adore my friendship that we share!!! 
Good luck my friend!

Like I said she has fun where ever she goes!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Working Mom

Did you ever just want to be a stay at home mom?  Did you ever think when you woke up in the morning to just forget about going back to work.  Is there something holding you back; such as insurance, you need the cash, or you have one of those jobs you went to school and now you have a so called degree?  I am at that point.  I went to a 4 year college for nursing and now that I started a family, I just want to stay home with my daughter.  Yes, I know crazy... You are all wondering why I am thinking this way.  Don't get me wrong, I love what I do, but I just don't want to wake up in the morning and leave my precious Gabby at home. Yes, she is with her father but it just isn't the same.  I want to be the one, spending my time with her.  
One of my friends asked me a couple of weeks ago, "Don't you want to know how it feels to be a working mom?" she also said,  " I get great pride being a working mom."  Glad it is working for you.  I am not sure if that is the kind of life I want for my self and my family.  Everyone always asks me what are we going to do with a less income... I guess we are going to watch our spending.  Sometimes we get asked about insurance... Well, we will just purchase it as an individual plan.  We have done it before and it works.  We might have to get two plans one would be a medical plan and the other a maternity plan.  I am not sure if we will get pregnant again, but we will be covered.  For my degree, I am not sure, that is what is holding me back from quitting my job altogether.  Who knows what our future holds, but I do know that I am excited to find out! 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Yoplait Frozen Smoothies

Has anyone tried the YOPLAIT FROZEN SMOOTHIES?  I tried a Chocolate Banana smoothie with this dollar off coupon that was sent to me by MyBlogSpark.  Amazing Flavor, it was like a taste bud explosion in my mouth.  I have to be honest with you, I am not a person who likes drinking anything thick.  But, this is wonderful, the texture and thickness is just right and did I say YUMMO!  I was amazed.  I am telling you try it, and use the web link below and get your printable Dollar off coupon on one package of Yoplait Frozen Smoothie, you won't be disappointed, and its totally worth it... You won't be sorry..

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for my 4 month old bundle of joy....

A Poopy Situation

Gabriella goes many days with out having a bowel movement.  The first 3 months of age she would have a bowel movement every 3-4 hours, but now it is every 3-4 days.  Should I be concerned?  
I believe in my heart that it is from being breast fed, and she is absorbing all of mommy's milk.  When the body absorbs all the nutrients from the breast milk there is no waste left.  I am glad that breast milk is the best, but I would feel more comfortable if she had one bowel movement every day.  Being a nurse, we really are concerned with a poopy situation.  We always worry, because we have the control to give medications to help any one have their own poopy situation.   Crazy I know.  Now being a mother I am not going to give a 4 month old a stool softener or a laxative or anything else for that matter.  I am not that kind of a crazy mom.  
The doctor told me to purge, do you know what that is?  Purging  is when you stick a thermometer up your little baby's butt to help start a bowel movement.   I don't feel comfortable during that either.  I will only stick a thermometer up rectum if she has a temperature.  I also, do not want her to rely on me to help her have bowel movements.  
I should be happy that she is comfortable and has no distress.  I would assume her belly would be hard, but it is not.  I would also believe if she has a bowel obstruction she would be vomiting, and she is not either.  I have to say, I do not see any signs of distress, which makes me a very happy mommy.  
So.... the count is on we are 3 days in of no poopy diapers.  Hopefully there is a blow out in our near future!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to Work!

So today was hard to go back to work after being off with my precious Gabby for 12 weeks.  I did shed a few tears but, it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I am just glad my first day of work is over.  I have to say I do work with a great group of people so going back to work was not all that bad.  They had a little party with snacks for me, which was nice.  My day was only 4 hours long too, so that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!
When I got home from work I was very excited to see my little princess, and I came home to a clean house.  It was nice.  My husband cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed the floors, and did laundry.. not only the laundry but he washed, dried, folded and put away all the laundry. He is an amazing man.   Thanks for everything you do for me, every little bit helps.  Thanks hun!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Maternity leave over!

Tomorrow, I have to go back to work.  I can not believe 12 weeks has come and went already.  Where does the time go?  I guess, I am just glad I am part-time instead of full time.  That would be a lot worse.    At least, I don't have to be there until 745 am.  That makes it a little bit easier!  I wish I could just be a stay at home mommy, but going to school for 4 years for nursing would be a total waste.  We will see how the day turns out tomorrow, eventually I will possibly cut down to 4 days a month.  For now I will be working 40 hours every two weeks.  We will start slow and then cut off more hours eventually.  Wish me luck as I adventure back to the grind.
Have a great day everyone!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lumpy Breast!

So this morning, I went to the chiropractor for my cramped neck which has been giving me headaches every morning upon awaking.  Who knew the chiropractor would do the trick.  I had to also take Gabriella with me, who screamed the whole time I was there.  Lets just say I am glad the chiropractor is a nice lady and she said she loved a screaming baby.  LOL.  I think she was making me feel better.
I also had a mammogram this morning.  The fertility doctor on Friday called and asked if I would be willing to do a mammogram.  I agreed and after about one hour of squeezing the girls in all different angles and shapes, I am happy to announce that I have LUMPY BREASTS!  The doctor just wants me to go and have an ultrasound done once every six months.  Not a big deal.. Glad it was nothing but a lumpy breast.  I am not sure how I would deal with anything other than that.  Thank my lucky stars =)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pleasant Surprise

This week I had a rough time with everything I went though, my husband bought me a little treat to help my week get a little sweeter..  And yes it did!   Thank you honey they are wonderful!  It is always a nice surprise to know that he cares and is willing to listen to me when I need him the most.. Thanks for caring!
Shari Berries~ Chocolate Covered Strawberries!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New years Resolutions part 2

I guess with my last post, my New Years Resolutions have been put to the test.  I am very upset with this person, and I am sad for what this person she has become.  But, she has many mental issues.  I am not going to trust her again... Be her friend again.... And for the forgiveness part, I am not the one she needs to earn forgiveness from.  There is a high power who she will have to deal with in the end.  She has NO character or integrity.   I just hope she figures her life out, sooner than later.  I am moving on for I have better fish to fry...
I have to become a better person, I have to build my character up so I do not let this burden my life.  I will over come bad situations and be a more mature person from the experiences that I have learned from my past.  I just hope she can find peace with in herself  to get the help she needs to become a person of integrity.
I have a wonderful family, and nothing can bring me down, I am a very happy person and I plan to keep it that way!  Hope you all have a wonderful night!

Disturbing People

So on Monday, January 1st, a person that I am friends with on face book emailed me to tell me that her 21 month old child died.  I haven't really talked with this person in a long time.  I knew a few months back that she had a child or she said she had a child so I was really upset for her.  I was so sympathetic for this person, that it brought tears to my eyes thinking that her child died.  I posted a nice saying on my face book page in her name, telling people her child died.  
The weirdest thing about the email or messaging session that we had was that she said, "Cheyenne died Sunday."  that was all she said.  I thought to myself that if this was my daughter and she just passed away I would not be on face book for one, and I would have worded it a lot differently.  But because I am a nurse, I know everyone deals with grief differently.  I thought she was still in shock.  So I tried to talk with her, but she said she was fine and she had good supportive friends.  So I wasn't too concerned with her.  But then......
Later in the day, I got a email from another friend.  She told me this girl NEVER was pregnant or NEVER had a child.  She told me that she was doing it all to get attention.  She also said that the child was a lie, and if the child died then it would be a good way to get rid of the lie.  I was SHOCKED.  Who would do this.  I am still baffled by it.  This is why she was so blunt talking about her little one that die, which she never had.  I would have been a basket case if my child died..
Last night however, I got an email from one of her relatives clearly stating 100% she was NEVER pregnant or has NEVER had a child.  WOW... This is all I can say!
My advise to you bloggers all over the world...
There is a lot of illness out there and a lot of sick people.  Be careful of who you friends with on face book..  You might have known them five, ten, fifteen years ago, but sometimes they just aren't the same.  
I feel bad her, hopefully Karma doesn't come back and bit her in the butt... It takes a very sick person to have an imaginary daughter and then have an imaginary death.  I am disgusted and sickened that someone would go through these kind of measures to get attention.  
I can't even grasp what just happened..... lets just say I am cleaning my face book friends out and i would suggest that you do the same if you haven't talked to these people in a while...
It is a scary world out there... Be careful!!!!