My world

My world

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today is Sunday and I have so many things to be thankful for:
I am thankful for being able to take naps on Sunday
I am thankful for spending time with family
I am thankful for all my blessing everyday
I am thankful we didn't get the 12 inches of snow that was predicted
I am thankful to live another day
I am thankful for my health and all my families health
I am thankful that United States has fertility clinics that the people who can't have children naturally have a chance
I am thankful that March is almost here
I am thankful that I am able to care for and love our pets
I am thankful that I got the opportunity to raise someone else's child
I am thankful that  one day I will be holding my child
I am thankful that I have a god that I believe in
I am thankful for my faith
I am thankful that I have a job when most of the country is out of work
I am thankful that I have some place warm to call home
What are you thankful for

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Maternity Books

So I was on E Bay and I found some maternity books and decided to buy them.  I was again excited with the price of  ninety nine cents for all these books.  The books that I have purchased : The new father, one that will help Dale after the baby comes.  What to expect when you are expecting, the title on this one says it all.  Eating well when you're expecting,  what to expect in the first year of baby's life and also While Waiting.  Did anyone else purchase books while they were pregnant or now days do we just read off the internet.  What books did you purchase when you were waiting to become pregnant or when you were pregnant.  It was a great deal and I just couldn't let it pass me up!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Changing my life for the better

So the doctor called me and explained to me that I was not drinking enough water since my recent lab results.  I guess she wants me to drink eight to ten, eight ounce glasses of water.  I am not sure if I can drink that much. water.  Just think about it that is a lot of water to consume if you are not used to it.  I will do whatever they tell me to do for they do know whats good for me.  She also told me to stop drinking soda, which is fine because I never drink any soda. So that will be a very easy habit to stop, mostly when it is not a habit.  I really only drink orange juice and fruit punch powerade, yes I am a kool-aid kind of a girl.  So I am going to drink LOTS more water, even if I am in the bathroom more than expected.  I will change everything that is in my power if it will one day bring me a bundle of joy.  So I am going to start drinking more water... I had two eight ounce glasses today so I have approximately eight more to go.... Wish me luck as the bathroom will be calling my name as I reach my tenth glass of water.  How much water do you drink?
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

My new life with fertility

I have always thought that the reason that my husband Dale and I could never have kids is because he had a low sperm count.  I never even thought once it was me.  I feel terrible now, since we started fertility care it has always been me.  I was under the impression that because all my sisters had 2+ children that I have to be very fertile myself.  I guess it doesn't work that way.    We started fertility 7 months ago and from the start they never said one thing to my husband that it was him.  It was always me who had all the issues.  I am the one who had the bacteria infection, I am the one whose estrogen levels were too low to even carry a child, my progesterone levels were too low as well, it was my thyroid that  is slowing down, the list goes on and on.  Where to begin and where to end?  I am however grateful that we figured out a few of our problems.  It is a shame that I had to miscarry my first child to realize that I am the one with all the problems but I am completely ready for what life has to offer me.  I do however, have to consume many pills each day,  and make some changes in my diet.  I like to think for the better!  But I will bite this thing and the butt and I will start my perfect little family like I have always dreamed of...
This is my kitchen table with all the pills I need to take per day, some are once a day but most are twice to three times a day... I am totally dedicated because I know how it will change my life in the end :)