My world

My world

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby's Room

I am going to tempt to repaint the baby's room.  She is going to enjoy the lovely green and jungle theme.  but I am going to add a strip of brown and put pok~a~dots on the top portion of the wall.  I am not an artist nor do I pretend I am.  I just want something a little different for my little one.  It will be okay I think.  I will start this afternoon and post some updates on the little ones room.  maybe I will even start setting up her crib.  This is a very exciting time for Dale and I.  I just wished the artistic fairy would magically twirl her wand and it would be completely the way I want it.  We will see the end results.  Wish me luck, for I am not sure how the dots are going to turn out.  Any Suggestions??

Have a great Summer day everyone :)

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