My world

My world

Thursday, March 8, 2012


My husband is so AMAZING.  
Today, my husband told me to go to my hair salon/spa Stepping Stone Salon and Day Spa at 2:15 pm, I told him I didn't have to because I don't have an appointment.  He said, "Hun, they called and said you forgot something last time you were there."  I said .... "I haven't been there for like a month, what could be that important that I forgot and why would it take them a month to call me and tell me I forgot something."  Then, he said, "I don't know, but your hair stylist has been on vacation"  Now, I am stumped, who goes on vacation for a month?  She is like 23 years old.  Really?  Seriously?
Any who, I got in the car at 1:45 pm and went to the salon.  I got to the salon at 2:10 pm, walked inside and to my SURPRISE Kellie was there waiting for me.  She told me that my husband call and he wanted her to give me a massage.  AMAZING!!!
All my complaining about sore achy muscles paid off, my husband got me a massage.  Not only did he make the appointment, but he went the extra steps and paid for it ahead of time, leaving her a tip and everything.  What an amazing guy, I think I will keep him.  


Chatty Crone said...

Okay he is a KEEPER! sandie said...

That is what my hubby does.So you have a keeper for sure ya. So I have a keeper also. Iam new here so I dropped into see you. Please drop into visit me.