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My world

Monday, July 5, 2010

A lot about nothing.

So that July 16th date is creeping up slowly, but I think I am going to invest in a digital ovulation tester anyways.  Maybe that will help me realize when I am truly ovulating.  We will see what good ol' Dale says about that!
So, jumping on to another subject, I haven't talked to my mother since probably Mothers day and she was such in a hurry she didn't care what I had to say.  I guess its all about her again, like usual.  I just have to adjust my life with her NOT in it.  I thought maybe I was going to tell her that Dale and I were trying to have a baby, but then I realized, maybe that wouldn't be such a great idea for then the whole family would think Dale and I were incapable of having children.  Which really wouldn't be that far from the truth, it just would be harder if the whole family decided to start gossiping about the whole dang topic amongst themselves.  Sometimes family just stink, my family has never gotten along as long as I can remember, everyone is always mad at someone.  It so sucks that my family can't be as close as I would like us all to be.  I know for sure that if have a family we will be a closely nit family.  I guess with me, I just wanted to tel my mother so maybe I  I could confine in someone, but I am so glad my gut told me not to tell her at all.  I am not sure if she will even know when I am pregnant if I ever get the chance to become prego.  I guess, sometimes you just have to completely cut ties with people no matter how hard it can be.
For now,  I am okay with blogging about it on here, but to have a close friend, to talk to besides Dale would maybe help matters.  I wouldn't say I have any really close friends, for I have never in my life had a best friend until I met my husband.  Sometimes, he just kind of brushes me off about the whole baby topic, he says he wants children, but I think he doesn't know how to respond to us not being able to carry out that dream of starting a family.  I feel so worthless sometimes, just thinking I can not give him a child.  Is it me,  is it him, or is it both of us with the problem?  Who knows, but soon we will learn how to count and we will see the doctors around the end of September and first part of October, keep us in your prayers~ for we will greatly appreciate prayers coming our way!!!
Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!!!

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Kings said...

Sooo... I found this blog and now I'm left in suspense :) how did the drs go?