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My world

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My new life with fertility

I have always thought that the reason that my husband Dale and I could never have kids is because he had a low sperm count.  I never even thought once it was me.  I feel terrible now, since we started fertility care it has always been me.  I was under the impression that because all my sisters had 2+ children that I have to be very fertile myself.  I guess it doesn't work that way.    We started fertility 7 months ago and from the start they never said one thing to my husband that it was him.  It was always me who had all the issues.  I am the one who had the bacteria infection, I am the one whose estrogen levels were too low to even carry a child, my progesterone levels were too low as well, it was my thyroid that  is slowing down, the list goes on and on.  Where to begin and where to end?  I am however grateful that we figured out a few of our problems.  It is a shame that I had to miscarry my first child to realize that I am the one with all the problems but I am completely ready for what life has to offer me.  I do however, have to consume many pills each day,  and make some changes in my diet.  I like to think for the better!  But I will bite this thing and the butt and I will start my perfect little family like I have always dreamed of...
This is my kitchen table with all the pills I need to take per day, some are once a day but most are twice to three times a day... I am totally dedicated because I know how it will change my life in the end :)

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Sell...Party Of 4 said...

It will all be worth it. =)