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My world

Monday, February 7, 2011

Changing my life for the better

So the doctor called me and explained to me that I was not drinking enough water since my recent lab results.  I guess she wants me to drink eight to ten, eight ounce glasses of water.  I am not sure if I can drink that much. water.  Just think about it that is a lot of water to consume if you are not used to it.  I will do whatever they tell me to do for they do know whats good for me.  She also told me to stop drinking soda, which is fine because I never drink any soda. So that will be a very easy habit to stop, mostly when it is not a habit.  I really only drink orange juice and fruit punch powerade, yes I am a kool-aid kind of a girl.  So I am going to drink LOTS more water, even if I am in the bathroom more than expected.  I will change everything that is in my power if it will one day bring me a bundle of joy.  So I am going to start drinking more water... I had two eight ounce glasses today so I have approximately eight more to go.... Wish me luck as the bathroom will be calling my name as I reach my tenth glass of water.  How much water do you drink?
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Sell...Party Of 4 said...

I don't drink nearly enough water...we are talkin' NONE. I try sometimes, but even then it is like one glass. =(