My world

My world

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shopping bargains!

I went shopping today and found some great buys!  I went to a consignment shop here in Stevens Point Wisconsin and found some onesies for 50 cents a piece.  steal right.  All the onsies are yellow, green, white but I am not sure what we are having yet so those colors should be perfect right? 

Then I bought this little play floor mat thingy.  It makes noises and everything.  This baby will love it.  It was 5 dollars so I decided to buy it!

 Then on my shopping trip I went to Kohl's and bought this maternity top, pretty cute for summer, is what I was thinking when I bought it.  

 Then I seen these toning shoes for 40 dollars and I bought them as well, we will see how comfortable they are.  They are reebok tone ups.  I will let you know if they work.  

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