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My world

Monday, April 9, 2012


So I signed my self up for my very first 5K in my lifetime.  It is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin on June 9th, 2012.  So today, I have decided to start training for the 5K.  I think everyone else started two weeks ago, but hey better late than never. So I put on my shoes and went outside tonight to start running.  Keep in mind this is my first time running outside since I was in high school, lets just say 20 years.  The first thing that went through my mind was what was I thinking.   I think I picked the coldest day to start because my fingers are so cold I can hardly type right now.   It is 35 degrees here Wisconsin and it is very windy.
So, I started running right out of my garage and by the time I got past the dog pen, I was ready to come back inside.  Keep in mind the dog pen is right off the house for there is a doggy door into the garage.  Yeah.... Your right I am a little wimpy. Not a very good mind set to start but,  I am very determined to do this and I will eventually cross it off my bucket list.  
I started running and running and running right out my drive way, but the wind was so hard it felt as if I ran 10 miles but I only took ten steps.  As I took two steps forward the wind pushed me back ten steps.  It was windy and wild.  I thought I was never going to get to my 1/2 mile goal tonight.  I had to stop three times to get a breather and cover my mouth because the wind was so bitterly cold and it felt as if my lungs were bleeding from the inside. I have never felt so hot and cold at the same time.  I guess, I have been trying to get over a cold and with running it is harder on your lungs, and the bitterly cold doesn't help matters.  
I got to my 1/2 mile and realized I was really tired and I didn't want to run back home, and maybe if I called my hubby her would come and get me, but then I remember..... I forgot my cell phone at home and I was in the driveway..  Bound and determined I ran all the way down the driveway (keep in mind I have a very long driveway)  and when I got in the house I was huffing and puffing I think I could have blown the house down.  I am proud of my self but, I have to keep up the momentum, so hopefully tomorrow it won't be so cold and windy; but if it is I will dress a little bit warmer than I did tonight.  Hope you are all doing great on this Monday after Easter..
All is good in the life of the New Beginnings!

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Chatty Crone said...

Good for you! I have to do the same thing. Glad you had a nice Easter. sandie