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My world

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Blogger Bliss

I think I have fallen off the blogging wagon once again.  I have been so busy lately with Gabriella and work, and home.   I am finding it harder to juggle everything that I once did, that was easy; now is getting hard to do.  To really tell you the truth, I have not found anything to blog about, I think I am in the root once again.  I am up at 3 am writing this; because I just can't sleep.
Just changed and fed Gabriella, I just love when she wakes up in the middle of the night and she is 1/2 awake.  When she is 1/2 awake and she wants to be fed, it has to be now or never otherwise she gets really crabby.  My husband, Dale runs down and warms up a bottle while I change her diaper.  He sure is amazing.I need to buy more night time diapers, because it just seems like she sleeps better through the night, I think it has to do with them keeping her drier for 12 hours.
I could not be a happier mommy.  Yesterday I went to Target and bought her a few things for Easter.  Absolutely no candy, for she is too young for the sweet tooth or should I say she doesn't have a sweet tooth, because she has no teeth. Please keep in mind I did buy candy for my husband for he loves his CHOCOLATE.   I bought her a couple of light up toys from Target for Easter.  I had my husband take them all out of the boxes because they are adult proof along with child proof.   So I put Gabriella in her Winnie the Pooh playpen and put her light up toys next to her and to my surprise, she was in her playpen Giggling up a storm.  She has become more interactive, and I just love these new baby stages.   It is amazing how much she grows daily.  It seems like just 6 months ago I was cuddling with her all the time, and now she wants to play all the time.  She is a very outgoing and active little girl.  I think I fall in a love with her a little bit more every day!
Have a great Saturday :)

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~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

She is so precious and I know you and your husband are both enjoying this special time in your lives. I have 4 sons and wonderful memories of them all at home growing up. Take lots of photos...and enjoy her!