My world

My world

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Gabriella

I can not believe Gabriella is three months and one week old. She is getting so big.  I love every stage of her life. I think that this stage is the best but then she starts a new stage and I love that stage even more.  She is my little princess.  She is starting to coo and now she coos all day long, and I love it. At first I thought I would get sick of her cooing, but I absolutely love every moment. I love being a mom, and I would not change it for anything.   She is precious and she is mine.  She is my whole world, I did not realize how much love I could have for one little person until I had her.  She is such a wonderful addition to my life.  I am thankful she is healthy and I am thankful she is mine and Dale's.  We are truly blessed to have Gabriella Raye in our lives.  I am blessed =)

 Dale watching a very intense movie!
 Gabby sleeping in Dale's arms

I am so in love with my little family =)

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