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My world

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Disturbing People

So on Monday, January 1st, a person that I am friends with on face book emailed me to tell me that her 21 month old child died.  I haven't really talked with this person in a long time.  I knew a few months back that she had a child or she said she had a child so I was really upset for her.  I was so sympathetic for this person, that it brought tears to my eyes thinking that her child died.  I posted a nice saying on my face book page in her name, telling people her child died.  
The weirdest thing about the email or messaging session that we had was that she said, "Cheyenne died Sunday."  that was all she said.  I thought to myself that if this was my daughter and she just passed away I would not be on face book for one, and I would have worded it a lot differently.  But because I am a nurse, I know everyone deals with grief differently.  I thought she was still in shock.  So I tried to talk with her, but she said she was fine and she had good supportive friends.  So I wasn't too concerned with her.  But then......
Later in the day, I got a email from another friend.  She told me this girl NEVER was pregnant or NEVER had a child.  She told me that she was doing it all to get attention.  She also said that the child was a lie, and if the child died then it would be a good way to get rid of the lie.  I was SHOCKED.  Who would do this.  I am still baffled by it.  This is why she was so blunt talking about her little one that die, which she never had.  I would have been a basket case if my child died..
Last night however, I got an email from one of her relatives clearly stating 100% she was NEVER pregnant or has NEVER had a child.  WOW... This is all I can say!
My advise to you bloggers all over the world...
There is a lot of illness out there and a lot of sick people.  Be careful of who you friends with on face book..  You might have known them five, ten, fifteen years ago, but sometimes they just aren't the same.  
I feel bad her, hopefully Karma doesn't come back and bit her in the butt... It takes a very sick person to have an imaginary daughter and then have an imaginary death.  I am disgusted and sickened that someone would go through these kind of measures to get attention.  
I can't even grasp what just happened..... lets just say I am cleaning my face book friends out and i would suggest that you do the same if you haven't talked to these people in a while...
It is a scary world out there... Be careful!!!!


Sell...Party Of 4 said...

totally weird. I am still wondering why she felt like she needed to make this all up, and how she kept it going for 21 months. Did she have pictures of a daughter on her facebook??

Richters Victory said...