My world

My world

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It has been a great 2011!  The beginning of 2011 was wonderful, we found out we were pregnant with our little girl; Gabriella Raye.  That was the happiest day of our lives.  Well, besides the day she came into the world on October 20, 2011.  We finished building and have moved into our new log home that we have been working on for nearly 6 years.    I guess you could say we are still moving into our home for 6 months now.  We are slowly buying furniture for the new home.  We are buying all the furniture slowly so then we don't have to finance furniture.  Lets just say delayed gratification.  In July we finally moved in.  We couldn't be happier.  
Then October came and we gave birth to the most beautiful baby in the world... Maybe I am biased but its my child I can be :)  She was on a biliblanket and lights for a week.  Or should I say a LONG week.  She is still dealing with bilirubin issues but it is because of my breast milk.  It is called breast milk jaundice.  Minor issue, it should clear up and resolve in a matter of time.  
But any who, we gave birth to Gabriella Raye Richter at 832 pm on October 20th, 2011 after being in labor for nearly 16 hours and pushing for 1.5 hours our little bundle of joy came into this world.  What a happy day!  She is perfect, she is beautiful, and she is our's.  
Then in December, while being on Maternity leave, I have decided to go part~time.  I can not justify letting my baby girl go to day care for 150-200 dollars a week.  Yes, I said a week.  I personally am not fond of  childcare places anyways.  I just envision terrible things and I think for my own sake it will be better if I raise my own child.  I think if I raise my own child too, there will be less sickness I have to deal with in my family.  I know, they are out there for a reason, but if I can make it possible for me to raise my own child I am going to try with all my might.  We will see... how it goes, living one day at a time.

We are so excited to start the next chapter of our life.  We couldn't have asked for a better year.  So hats off to 2011. What a wonderful year it was.  and........

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