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My world

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Daddy Day Care Part I

Dale decided to take Brittany's old room in the shop and turn it into Gabriella's day care room.  This summer I am planning on repainting it but for now it will remain mint and sky blue, with the misspelled words on the ceiling .  lol.  Dale decided that if he takes Gabby out in the shop, he would get more done.   Dale cleaned out the room, washed the carpets and washed down the walls before moving in the AWESOME deals that I bought on Craigslist.  

The couch that we purchased on craigslist for $50.   It was an Awesome deal.  It looks brand new, suede tan color. Awesome deal.  

The other steal of the day would be the brand new swing I bought for $50.  I found my new LOVE for craigslist.  
It pays to look around. 
But I believe for the shop day care room these items are perfecto!!!  

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday!!!

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