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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My First Giveaway 2012

So, the other day, I got Free samples of store brand infant formulas through the mail from MyBlogSpark.  I got one for me and one for a lucky blog reader.  The kit of formula comes with store brand formula, a bottle, a bib and a blanket all sponsored from MyBlogSpark.  One of my LUCKY readers will get a FREE kit too.  I love free stuff.  How about you?

 Lets just say, I do not use much formula, because I am a breast feeding mommy. I prefer to use my milk over the formula.  But when I do buy formula,  I usually go to Walmart and buy the pre~made formula usually the name brand.  I was very skeptical about buying the store brand formula, unsure of why, but it could be that my mom used Similiac and I was using it as well, until MyBlogSpark gave me FREE samples of the Wal-Mart brand (Parents Choice) and the Target Brand (UP&UP).  I was amazed that Gabriella loves it just as much as she loves the name brands. She was having a really bad gassy problem and it seems like it is getting a little better on this formula.  One thing I don't like about the formula is that it is the powdered kind, I guess I just usually buy the pre~made kind and I am just used to it.  Maybe because it is more convient for my lifestyle.
I like saving money, how about you?  Being a new mom, I didn't realize that the cost of raising a child is expensive. I guess I just thought it would be just as easy as Two people living together, boy was I wrong!  I want to give you a fun fact that I thought was interesting about this formula compare to the name brands.  Store brand infant formulas are nutritionally equivalent to similar national formula brands such as Enfamil or Similac, but cost half the price, which can save you about $600 a year (myblogspark, 2012). When I read that I could save 600$ a year I was amazed.  
If you would like information about store brand infant formulas please click the attached link: Perrigo Nutritionals :

So in conclusion I am giving away the same kit that I got through the mail from MyBlogSpark. 
If you want to win everything you see in this picture please leave me a comment why you want to win. For extra 2 entry's ~ follow my blog :)
P.S.  My bottle was green not blue just so you know :)  Good luck Bloggers!!!
The drawing will close on  February 15th, 2012 at 6 pm, and one of you will be a lucky winner!!!

One of my lucky readers will receive:
Perrigo Nutritionals store brand infant formula (I got both brands)
One 8oz  baby bottle 
One Fleece baby blanket 
One Baby bib 

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Beautiful life said...

I have always wanted to try the so called cheaper formula's but never wanted to buy them. This is GREAT! thanks!