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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Part time and loving it

In January, after being off for maternity leave for 3 months, I decided to go part-time when I went back to work.  I love being part-time.  It gives me so much more time to spend with Gabriella.  I enjoy watching cartoons with her in the morning.  Martha Speaks and Sid the Science Kid are my favorites.  I enjoy changing dirty diapers, wiping her cute little butt, making her smile and laugh at me, I like when she cry's because she needs something, and I also enjoy feeding her in my lap out of a bottle.  She is one amazing child.  I am blessed to have such a blessing in my life.  
After all the fertility that I went through to get pregnant and all the hormone replacement therapy that I was on during pregnancy to keep my pregnancy going,  and all the Emergency Room visits,  I am not going to let time pass underneath me.  I am going to spend as much time with Gabriella as I possibly can, because I fought to get her here. She is my little sweet heart, and I love her with my whole heart.  I was blessed with an amazingly wonderful little girl and all the pain and sleepless nights when I was pregnant don't matter much anymore.  Because I know she is safe.   I could not be any more happy than what I am, right now.  She is amazing!
The last few weeks when I go to work my co~workers make wise cracks about me being part time.  I know it is hard to comprehend that the person who always worked extra shifts went down part-time.  I hate when they make the wise cracks.  They say things like, "Jennifer doesn't matter; she only works one day a week" or "Hey one day a weeker."  Sorry, but I work 3 days one week and 2 days the next week.  I am doing it because I can, and I want too.  Gabriella is that important to me.  I do not want my child raised in daycare.  Not saying daycare is bad, but I just don't have the need for someone else raising my child.  I personally don't want the sickness in my family.  She has not been sick so far and I plan on keeping it that way.  I guess, they are just jealous that they have to work more hours then me.  I am just glad that I have the opportunity to be part-time to be home with my child.  She is a blessing and I love her so very much.  I have a great life with an amazing husband and a wonderful little girl.  I couldn't be luckier.  I am blessed!

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Have a great Sunday!!


Chatty Crone said...

Honey - you raise that child and be proud of yourself. You do matter!!! One day you WILL see that - I promise. Don't worry about what others say at all.

She is a DOLL!

Hey one thing - do you know you have word verification on - they changed it and it is very hard to read - just to let you know.


Richters Victory said...

Thanks, I think I changed the settings!! Thanks for letting me know!!!