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My world

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hicks Way of Rising Bread

Yesterday I decided to make a loaf of bread.  I put all the ingredients together and left it on the counter for it to raise.  Two hours later the bread was not rising.  I was thinking what the heck is going on?  Why is my bread NOT rising?   
So, I decided to turn on my fire place, place a towel over my bread and put the bread next to the heat of the fire place.   To my surprise, I had a wonderfully risen loaf of bread in 2 hours..  I guess you just use the resource you have, to make things work!

 This is my tasty white loaf of bread after dashing it with melted butter..
Lets just say it was so GOOD, I ate half the loaf!!!
Seriously.... I ate half of the loaf., but I enjoyed it and that is all that counts.  YUM is all I can say..

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Cheri said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I see you are a girl after my own heart...bread and home made...yum.