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My world

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fallen in love

I have totally fallen in love with Craigslist.  It is wonderful, everything that I can possibly want is on Craigslist.  I am addicted.  Yes, my name is Jennifer and I am addicted to craigslist.  It is amazing the great deals you can find on there.  Yesterday I placed an Ad on craigslist for wanting baby things, and today, I have 25 phone calls on things people want to give me or have me buy for CHEAP!  Sweet!!!  I love DEALS!  I guess, I don't find the need to buy all new things for my baby because she will out grow everything so quickly in the first year of life.  I am excited that tomorrow I get to go and pick up 25 baby items all under 15$$ Yes, that is dirt cheap.  Some of the things that I am getting are; a 24 month old winter coat (she claims is brand new) 12 month cookie monster dress, 12 month Jeans, 12 month fleece jacket, car seat cover, baby Eisenstein toys, and other baby things.  I am excited to get my new treasures for Gabriella.  This is exciting!  Don't worry, I am not a hoarder... I buy things, use them,  and resell the items.  I love recycling!!!

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Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!


Chatty Crone said...

I'm glad it is working out for you. Just be careful - I have heard some scary things about it. Don't mean to scare you - just be careful. sandie

momto8 said... got great deals!! good for you!